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Rolex Now Offers Certified Pre-Owned Programme

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Rolex Now Offers Certified Pre-Owned Programme


You can now get a proper second-hand ‘Rollie’ for your collection

Esteemed watchmaker Rolex is a name anyone and everyone can instantly recognize. At the mere mention of the brand’s name, we guarantee almost everyone universally thinks of the same word, “quality,” and rightfully so, as these watches are built to last. This is why this certified pre-owned programme is huge news for the industry.Rolex

While Rolex watches have always been highly sought after, the Swiss watch manufacturer now allows you to have the chance to purchase previously worn timepieces that the brand will certify as authentic and guaranteed. So if you’ve always wanted a Rollie with rougher edges, this certified pre-owned programme is for you.

Moreover, the Rolex certified pre-owned programme guarantees an authentic second hand timepiece at the time of resale by an Official Jeweler displaying the “Rolex certified pre-owned” plaque. This means that the watches purchased under the programme benefit from the highest quality professionalism.Pre-Owned

On top of that, the seal that comes with the watches purchased under this programme will not only serve as a symbol representing the status of your watch as a certified second-hand Rolex watch also sees to it that the watch still maintains proper functioning.

Furthermore, when you purchase a second hand Rolex under the Rolex certified pre-owned programme, you will also get a guarantee card that officially confirms that the watch is genuine and that the proper functioning of said timepiece is assured for at least two years from the date of purchase as per the guarantee manual.Rolex

What’s more, each and every watch purchased under the Rolex certified pre-owned programme will feature its very own unique pouch, a seal, a two-year international guarantee card, a service booklet as well as a guarantee booklet, all of which can help verify the authenticity of your second hand Rolex.

For as long as Rolex has existed as a brand, their timepieces have always been revered as some of the most high quality watches on the market which is why it is always a shame when a perfectly good one is left to collect cobwebs. A programme like this helps the watch complete its long life cycle. It also creates an avenue for collectors to get their hands on coveted models that are no longer in production by the brand. Rolex

Looking to add a timepiece with a story behind it to your collection? Visit the Official Rolex Website today.


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