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Make it Merry With Murakami 2023 Holiday Capsule

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Make it Merry With Murakami 2023 Holiday Capsule


Murakami makes your holiday gifts more cheerful

The holidays are great but just like with everything else in life, it can be better. This year, one of the most revered and well known contemporary artists in the world, Takashi Murakami, is definitely making the holidays way more festive with his first ever holiday collection dropping exclusively on NTWRK.Murakami

For those not in the know, NTWRK is a Hollywood live-shopping platform. It is the only platform to purchase the super festive collection from Takashi Murakami. The 2023 holiday collection from Murakami consists of many coveted, too-cute-to-miss exclusive holiday themed exclusive items. Take for instance the collection’s festive candles, which will not only light up the room but also add a cute and functional addition to your holiday background to enhance your holiday posts.

Furthermore, the Murakami 2023 holiday collection also features stockings and knit sweaters. Now we may not have that many people putting up stockings for the holiday season in Malaysia, mainly since most houses don’t have chimneys for a certain jolly fat man to visit.

However, stockings and knit sweaters make you look cool, so now both you and your home get to look cooler together. What’s more, the Murakami holiday collection 2023 features Christmas lights and we all know that you can’t have a holiday vibe at home without the Christmas lights so this one is pretty self explanatory.

Additionally, the collection also features things like a waffle maker. So now you can have a waffle maker that doubles as a prop and also helps you make delicious waffles so you can post a festive pic while also treating our tummies to a yummy festive treat.

Murakami also designed every item in his 2023 holiday collection specifically in line with his typical character and vibrant colour palette and his iconic smiling flower design also shows up in the collection. Just in case you aren’t fully certain of how good these items look, Murakami models them himself in these images for you to see.fashion

More information can be found on the Official NTWRK Website.


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