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You Might Want This Zenith Defy Extreme E Copper X Prix Watch

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You Might Want This Zenith Defy Extreme E Copper X Prix Watch

Defy Extreme E Copper X Prix

If you are a fan of racing, then this watch is for youDefy Extreme E Copper X Prix

The next race of the 2022 Extreme E Championship will be held in South America for the first time. Being one of the foremost copper mining areas in the world, the Atacama Desert in Chile is the perfect place for Zenith to unveil their third special edition watch to commemorate this race, the Defy Extreme E Copper X Prix.

Only 20 pieces of this timepiece will be made from a combination of carbon fiber and titanium mixed with earthy tones that resemble the copper mines in the region. These watches will also incorporate recycled and upcycled elements from the championship to make it even more special.

Being a motorsports inspired watch, the Defy Extreme E Copper X Prix was built to be rugged right from the get go but despite this, the watch is very light. It is the world’s lightest and most robust 1/100th of a second automatic high-frequency chronograph, to be exact. It also utilizes the warm coppery brown of the back-to-back races.Defy Extreme E Copper X Prix

Both the crown and chronograph pushers are completely crafted from lightweight and durable carbon fiber. This accentuates the bold and angular shape of the case while the pusher protectors are made from microblasted titanium to further emphasize the sporty and rugged element of the watch.

Additionally the dial of the Defy Extreme E Copper X Prix is open and multi-layered, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of its tinted sapphire crystal elements and intricate movements.watch

Sustainability also plays a massive part in the identity of the watch and as such, the watch will feature a rubber strap that has been infused Continental Cross Contact tyres which were used in the first race. This is what we reckon will make enthusiasts giddy for the watch.

A black velcro strap surrounded by a brown condura-effect rubber inlay is also available and the straps can be conveniently swapped out thanks to an ingenious quick strap-change mechanism. The Defy Extreme E Copper X Prix will also come in a waterproof and crushproof rally inspired watch case made from E-grip recycled tyres.watch

Since only 20 of these will ever see the light of day, they will be available exclusively at Zenith physical and online boutiques across the globe so if you want one, you had best hurry. Check out the Official Zenith Website for further details.


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