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G-Shock Celebrates 30 Years Of The Frogman Dive Watch

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G-Shock Celebrates 30 Years Of The Frogman Dive Watch


A limited edition model to commemorate the legendary timepiece

The G-Shock Master of G Frogman watch was first released in 1993 and immediately commanded attention for its ability to withstand the ISO standard of 200 metres making it one of the most effective dive watches out there. Next year, 2023, marks the 30th anniversary of this celebrated timepiece.G-Shock

To commemorate this milestone, G-Shock is releasing a new Frogman limited edition model which recreates the iconic look of the second generation Frogman DW-8200 which became in instant hit when it was first released as a result of its unique asymmetrical frogman form and impressionable design thanks to its resin bezel and titanium case.

The anniversary edition of the G-Shock Frogman will sport slight differences from the original as it will feature a band made of biomass plastic, a first for a Frogman series timepiece. What’s more, it will also feature a new solar panel that will more accurately recreate the shape of the DW-8200.

Also, the colour scheme of this new G-Shock, matte black and pale gold, is also a nod to the popular DW-8200B-9A model. The watch back also features a special Frogman 30th Anniversary “shock resist” logo engraved on it. The logo also appears on the display and illuminates when turned on.

Additionally, this new G-Shock Frogman 30th Anniversary edition will come with the brand’s standard specifications of shock resistance, electro-luminescence backlight as well as an afterglow and flash alert which rings with a buzzer sound for alarms and hourly time signals. It is still a G-Shock after all.

Furthermore, Casio is holding a special 11.11 sale for all Casio ID members from as early as 11 November 2022. If you are a member, you could get your hands on one of these limited edition Frogman watches and naturally, only a small number will be made available for members. This will run from 11 to 13 November 2022 but we are sure that these watches will probably run out well before 13 November 2022.

Fancy a new sporty and versatile watch? Check out the Official G-Shock Website today.


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