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Casio And Honda Racing Present The Edifice Sospensione Honda Racing

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Casio And Honda Racing Present The Edifice Sospensione Honda Racing


This limited edition model celebrates the Suzuka Circuit turning 60

Casio watches are known for many great qualities, but none more so, than the brand’s rich spirit of racing pulsing through its DNA. In this regard, speed and technological prowess are at the very core of what makes the Edifice Sospensione Honda Racing Red Edition model the perfect watch to commemorate the Suzuka Circuit turning 60.Honda

Honda Motor Limited constructed the Suzuka Circuit in 1962 and so this year marks the 60th anniversary of his momentous occasion. This 5.807km long motorsport race track located in Ino, Suzuka city was first designed as a Honda test track.

Moreover, it featured the iconic figure eight layout, making it only one of two FIA Grade 1 licensed to feature this layout (the other one being the Fiorano Circuit in Italy). This Honda track also came with a 1.2km long back straight passing over the front section by way of an overpass.

That is why the Suzuka Circuit is the perfect inspiration for this commemorative timepiece as it exudes the spirit of Honda Racing, and racing in general, in all aspects. A good example is the X-frame of the dial, which is painted with the same paint used in a red Honda badge symbolizing the brand’s racing spirit and used on Type R cars.

On top of that, the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) logo is also prominently featured on the watch dial while the Honda and Honda Racing logos are engraved into the watch case, band ring and back cover. What’s more, the back cover also features an engraving celebrating the Suzuka Circuit’s 60th anniversary.Watch Box

Additionally, this Honda timepiece uses the EQB-2000 as its base and takes inspiration from the double-wishbone suspension utilized in racing cars. It also features an NSX GT3 motif, having red accents on a black background and features a watch band made out of alcantara, a staple of Honda’s Type R car interiors.

Not to mention, the EQB-200 also comes with its own dedicated chronograph for precise timekeeping and is equipped with a Bluetooth smartphone link. Once paired to a smartphone, users can leverage off the auto time adjustment, watch setting, about 300 world city times, a stopwatch time transfer function and an iPhone finer all in one mobile phone app.Suzuka

If you’re in the market for a motorsports inspired watch you may want to head over to the Official Casio Website.


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