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Solar Aqua Presents The Deep Bay Bronze 

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Solar Aqua Presents The Deep Bay Bronze 

Deep Bay Bronze

A bronze watch for the modern age

Solar Aqua, a historic watch brand from Canada with over a century of history, brought back to life by U-BOAT Group, presents the new Deep Bay Bronze. The new timepiece arrives as a distinctive and gritty sporty line of the brand, with the elegance of the 45mm satin bronze case, with a matching one-directional and ceramic inserts.

The choice of bronze is inspired by a passion for art and beauty as well as adventure as this precious material, known for its resistance to corrosion and oxidation, develops a unique glaze over time that makes each watch a unique and personalized piece. Making the Solar Aqua Deep Bay Bronze a historical piece made for a modern time.

History Remembered

Like the brand’s steel model, the details of the coordinates of Baffin Bay and the silhouette of the bay on the caseback of the Deep Bay Bronze pay homage to the historic bay located between the coasts of Greenland and Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle. This is where the Solar Aqua can boast of having reached a depth of 2,136 meters.Deep Bay Bronze

Built For Extreme Conditions

Moreover, the dials in black, brown, burgundy, blue and green all fade into solid black at the bottom. The indexes and hands are illuminated with superluminova for easy reading underwater, in every condition. Additionally, the Swiss Peseux P224 movement, specially modified for Solar Aqua, the caseback and screw-down crown, the helium release valve, and the silicon strap ensure high functionality for diving and high water pressure resistance.Solar Aqua

Bronze Everlasting

Just like the Riace Bronzes, which survived for centuries in the marine depths and a representative symbols of ancient art and culture, the Deep Bay Bronze of Solar Aqua represents man’s exceptional ability to create objects that can withstand any challenge, even the most difficult one, that of time.

The Choice Of Champions

With the entry of the Deep Bay Bronze among Solar Aqua’s models, the brand’s Limitless Crew also grows, with the addition of Italian Jet-Ski champion Daniele Piscaglia. Together with world freediving champion Marina Kazankova, and Norwegian Espen Fadnes, world wing-suit flying champion,  Piscaglia  has chosen Solar Aqua as his adventure companion in his wave-riding evolutions.Solar Aqua

Further details can be found at the Official Solar Aqua Website.


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