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Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Turns Up The Sun To Go Greener

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Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Turns Up The Sun To Go Greener

Ninh Van Bay

Now here is a great example of a sustainable vacation spot

The Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is taking a massive step towards the future by introducing Ninh Van Greens, the world’s first in-resort solar farm in Vietnam. This solar farm is named after the resort as well as the ingenious idea of harnessing solar power while growing crops for the resort. Ninh Van Bay

The Ninh Van Greens is capable of producing electricity, organic fruits and vegetables as well as hot water. What’s more, the solar farm contains a 1,600 square-meter organic garden called Solar Fresh Cuts. This garden uses the creative placement of the solar panels to grow organic crops while simultaneously producing electricity.

There are 800 solar panels in the Ninh Van Greens arranged in rows. These panels are tilted along a hill and elevated 2,5 meters in the air. It is this specific installation that allows the light and shade to filter through to facilitate photosynthesis to help the vegetation grow without sacrificing any energy to produce electricity.Ninh Van Greens

So what does this mean, exactly for you? Well it makes your vacation at the Alchemy bar at Ninh Van Greens that much more memorable. With a great view to the bay and the fresh organic fruits picked from the garden, you enjoy tastier drinks and homemade beauty products including personal body scrubs and hand sanitizers.

In fact, everything about a Ninh Van Greens holiday is not just sustainable, it is also delicious. According to the Six Senses philosophy, food is not nearly nourishment, it is an adventure. This ensures that the plant based fine dining experience for guests is an unforgettable one.

Ninh Van Greens General Manager, Benjamin Kreuz said, “It is always deeply satisfying and rewarding when picking your own vegetables. We invite guests to reconnect with nature and our planet with a walking tour of the eco-friendly farm led by the culinary team.”

Ninh Van Bay


Looking to reconnect with nature for your next getaway? Check out the Official Ninh Van Bay Website to book your holiday now.


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