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First SEA Onitsuka Tiger flagship boutique To Open In ION Orchard Singapore

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First SEA Onitsuka Tiger flagship boutique To Open In ION Orchard Singapore


Sneaker brand releases new dress show line 

Launched in Tokyo, Japan, the Onitsuka is a new curated collection of dress shoes from the Onitsuka Tiger brand that retells the history of 1949. With each piece being crafted in Japan with Pride, the main theme of these dress shoes is to produce practical enjoyment instead of extravagant opulence, and practical these shoes are.Onitsuka

Typically, Onitsuka Tiger shoes will have to be imported from Japan. But now, we have a new and much closer option as the brand is opening its first ever flagship boutique in SouthEast Asia at the one and only ION Orchard in Singapore, which opens on 16 January 2023.

This new Onitsuka Tiger flagship boutique will be located on Level 1 with a striking store facade at the ION Orchard, The Onitsuka promises to be a beautiful new addition for not just local but also overseas shoppers. The store will introduce one and all to its vision of “new formal” product offerings.Onitsuka

Moreover, the Onitsuka footwear collections are all instantly recognizable as a result of their hybrid designs that blur the line between dress shoes and sneakers. However, they remain unmistakably sophisticated while still being light and comfortable to wear. This duality allows you to have your cake and eat it too.

The majority of these collections are made from exceptional Japanese leathers such as the domestic leather from Kobe cattle. This leather is then treated with traditional techniques by Japanese craftsmen in the town of Himeji, which is recognized for its quality leather production.

Naturally, all the newest shoes we will be seeing in the new Singapore flagship store will also feature unmistakable Onitsuka Tiger details such as the classic and iconic “red line” as well as ‘shark toothed sole.’ These are all marks of the high quality Japanese craftsmanship in the shoes that we expect from the brand.Onitsuka

Furthermore, the newest collection is also meticulously designed with a newly developed foam used in the outsole of the Onitsuka Tiger shoes. This provides a well-balanced character of both excellent comfort and top tier durability to produce the “best of both worlds” feel the brand is known for.

What’s more, this high level of quality and craftsmanship is also mirrored in the interior of the new Onitsuka Tiger flagship boutique. The store features subtle details that highlight the enduring style of the collection and also make use of the iconic colors along with the buttery leather seating, elegant terrazzo floor and custom fixturing.ION Singapore

More information can be found on the Official Onitsuka Tiger Website.


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