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Corum And Label Noir Create A Unique Bubble Watch

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Corum And Label Noir Create A Unique Bubble Watch

Label Noir

The Corum Bubble 47 Central Tourbillon is uniquely cool

Corum has joined hands with Label Noir for a new collaboration to produce the most unique timepiece made specially for the renowned Macau Master of Time Event. In doing so, the Swiss watchmaker has given the Label Noir creative team full control over this new collaborative timepiece.Label Noir

The Bubble collection and more importantly, the iconic Corum Bubble 47 Central Tourbillon will see a massive upgrade with the distinctive features of the Geneva-based customization brand. As seen in the photos here, black, acid green, textured finishes, and grey and matte tones highlight the deeply contemporary essence of this collaboration between the two brands.

Moreover, the result of this collaboration is an unmistakably Corum watch loaded with Label Noir signatures, symbols, and stories. This adds on to the appeal of the bubble watch which was launched in the year 2000 as an oversized wristwatch with a domed sapphire crystal. This design was so revolutionary it became a must have.

The Corum Bubble watch was a reflection of Severin Wunderman’s own vision of creativity. This creativity was inspired by a highly technical and experimental diving watch, which was able to withstand enormous pressure. Label Noir has retained all these integral characteristics.Label Noir

Label Noir has applied all its expertise in colors and finishes to emphasize, in its own way, how to read time and make the Bubble a masterpiece of horology in this collaboration. This resulted in a watch that does not just look the part but also is perfect for everyday use.

However, despite all the “Label Noir-ism” going on with this watch, it is still recognizable as a Corum Bubble Watch. And to further enhance the look of the watch, Label Noir took a different approach from the usual in designing this watch by incorporating very graphic finishes whislt also ensuring its minimalist appeal.

One more thing that simply must be highlighted is that Label Noir added a few more dashes of steel enhance the dial pattern, numerals, and display discs. There are also a few strokes of contrasting color, acid green, the brand’s signature, added to the hour-minute indicators, the dual mark, and the strap stitching.Label Noir

Visit the Official Corum Website to find out more.


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