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Onitsuka Tiger Gets Prickly With Mexico 66 Cactful Collection

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Onitsuka Tiger Gets Prickly With Mexico 66 Cactful Collection

Mexico 66

The Mexico 66 sneakers are the first style to use materials from Cacti

Say hello to the first pair of shoes that manages to do something no other collection of shoes has done before, express the bounty of nature. How so? Well the Mexico 66 Cactful by Onitsuka Tiger manages this by using material derived from a cactus in these shoes which enable them to do things that leather cannot.

Fashion, sports, design and heritage, these are all the underlying themes of the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Cactful sneakers. This is a new version of the brand’s signature Mexico 66 shoes which use more than 20 percent cactus-derived material in the upper region. This time, there will be a lot more than just 20 percent.

According to the brand, the team at Onitsuka Tiger co-developed the new material with Desserto engineers which uses Mexican cactus fibers as raw materials for the upper part of the shoe. This production process reduces environmental impact and meets the quality and product standards and can be used on a global scale.

The new Mexico 66 Cactful sneakers come in five new custom colours but still keep the iconic design elements of the original collection. What’s more, the cactus-derived material is lightweight and utilizes the shoe design, as well as recycled materials being used in the shoelaces and in a way leather cannot.Mexico 66

Additionally, the Japanese brand’s ties to Mexico go all the way back to 1966, when the brand unveiled their “Mexico Lines,” now globally lauded as the “Onitsuka Tiger Stripes.” These were also the shoes worn by the Japanese Athletes at the 1968 Mexico Games and are the basis of the model name and design “Mexico 66.”

Furthermore, the Mexico 66 Cactful shoes have gotten such a warm worldwide acceptance because their design is environmentally friendly and uses bio-material. These were developed by Adrian and Marte in Mexico and Desserto does not use phthalates or PVC, which are harmful chemicals which consume less water.

The Mexico 66 Cactful uses materials that reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 80 percent compared to genuine leather during the manufacturing process and Onitsuka Tiger one ups this by using leftover cactus from food production to make these amazing shoes.

Want to look stylish while being eco friendly? Visit the Official Onitsuka Tiger Website now.


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