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Enjoy High Altitude Fine Dining With Vistajet

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Enjoy High Altitude Fine Dining With Vistajet


Experience Vistajet in Asia and across the world

Vistajet is the first and only global business aviation company which serves you with private dining menus in the air. You can experience this in one of the company’s fleet of silver and red aircraft which fly from Asia to 187 countries across the globe and this experience allows you to fine dining at altitudes most people can only dream of.Vistajet

That said, Vistajet has been curating gourmet menus from the most established restaurants around the world to ensure that you can enjoy your fine dining experience in the air as if you would when on the ground. This is a necessary precaution as when dining at high altitudes, there are many factors that limit the quality of the food.

Taking this into account, Vistajet prepares each dish specifically for high altitudes. They even take extra care to meticulously balance the levels of sugar and salt in their meals since these ingredients can have a huge impact on the human body while in a pressurized air cabin.

Diego Sabino, Vice President of Private Dining at Vistajet said, “We have been on a journey to transform the private dining experience in the air – to make it something to savor.”Vistajet

“We discovered that simple things, big flavors and the best ingredients cooked and prepared to perfection will always travel well. We explored the art and science behind dining, so our members can cherish time together onboard their jet, with the right taste, whatever the occasion.” He added.

One of the highlights of Vistajet is in Hong Kong where the flight departs from. Here you can enjoy some of the brand’s partner restaurants such as the Tosca di Angelo at the Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong. The team there will prepare Solfeggio, a three-course menu combining many different tastes to enjoy.

As for Singapore, Vistajet guests can enjoy a farm-to-table meal from Chef  de Cuisine Nathan Griffin at the award-winning Origin Grill located at the Shangri-La Singapore. What’s more, all ingredients used by the Origin Grill are sustainable and ethically harvested with their artisanal meats coming from award-winning farms.

Meanwhile in the Maldives, Vistajet offers you the chance to dine at the Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi, which launched the world’s first overwater Zuma restaurant. Vistajet guests can also enjoy many more experiences at many more locations.Fine Dining

Visit the Official Vistajet Website to find out more.


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