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Upgrade Your Winter Style With The Unimatic ‘Arctic Fox’

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Upgrade Your Winter Style With The Unimatic ‘Arctic Fox’


A stylish watch in an all-white

American poet, Walt Whitman once described Unimatic watches as something along the lines of “large, they contain multitudes”. This is an obvious reference to

the timeless designs of their timepieces such as the Modello Uno dive watch and the Modello Tre chronograph.

The brand’s newest collaborative timepiece, made in partnership with Revolution and The Rake, dubbed the Unimatic X Revolution & The Rake Modello Uno GMT ‘Arctic Fox’, enforces this. Its so “large”, in fact, that it blends in perfectly with an all white ensemble.

Giovanni Moro, who co-founded Unimatic with Simone Nunziato, stated, “One of the things that fascinated Simone Nunziato and me from the very beginning was this idea of design that is purposeful in an essential way. Because when you create something that has this sense of necessity, almost as if it had to exist, it tends to endure.”

“When we evaluate any partnership… we always ask, ‘What is the story and does this bring a new sensibility or narrative which can enhance the durability and multiplicity of our designs?’” Added Simone Nunziato.

This brings us perfectly to the partnership of Unimatic with Revolution & The Rake. The two brands are working together on three unique limited edition timepieces with the first of them being the stealth white Modello Uno GMT ‘Arctic Fox’ which drops 28 December 2022.

The inspiration for the all white themed Unimatic Arctic Fox is threefold. First, by Darwin’s observation of nature, second, by the austerity of military uniforms and thirdly, by men’s fashion as an expression of positivity. Since snow camouflage is an innate survival strategy in animals, it is mirrored by the watch.Revolution

Darwin first mentioned snow camouflage in his Origin of Species where he states: “When we see… the alpine ptarmigan white in winter, the red grouse the color of heather, and the black grouse that of peaty earth, we must believe that these tints are of service to these birds… in preserving them from danger.”

What’s more, a good example of just what Darwin stated, is the Arctic Fox, and that is why the timepiece from Unimatic does not just adopt its name, but also the color scheme of the animal.Revolution

Looking for a stealth white watch to complete your look? Visit the Official Unimatic Website today.


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