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Hennessy Welcomes 2023 With Limited Edition Bottle With New Design

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Hennessy Welcomes 2023 With Limited Edition Bottle With New Design


The special edition bottle is a collaboration with artist Yan Pei-Ming

Maison Hennessy is partnering with renowned artist Yan Pei-Ming to create a monumental painting along with a series of beautiful special edition bottles just in time to celebrate the Lunar New Year.Bottle

Yan Pei-Ming is Chinese by birth and naturalized French. He is an expressionist artist and in many ways, his life story is similar to that of Richard Hennessy. Both share a story of striking out for adventure, embracing a vision and building a life in a foreign land.

The highlight of the collaboration between Hennessy and Yan Pei-Ming is the new series of limited-edition Hennessy V.S.O.P and Hennessy X.O Cognacs as well as the beautiful and unique newly-designed bottles for the brand. These limited edition bottles also feature element’s of the artist’s painting, La Grande Course.Bottle

Yan Pei-Ming is celebrated for his stunning portraits of animals and famous personalities. This makes him the perfect candidate to help redesign the iconic Hennessy bottles to make them truly stand out. Plus he takes inspiration from the Year of the Rabbit when designing these vessels.

According to the artist, he ventured to create a new pallate by incorporating tones of amber, orange, russet and burgundy in the La Grande Course painting. These colors are also a nod to the amber and mahogany hues of Hennessy X.O and feature the artist’s signature broad, sweeping brush strokes.Bottle

Furthermore, the main focus of the La Grande Course is not any animal or even the cognac but rather to capture the light. Yan Pei-Ming stated, “When you hold a bottle of cognac up to sunlight, its hues vary so much. I wanted to portray cognac — but it’s light that is really the colour of this painting.”

“La Grande Course is a major piece of my oeuvre. It’s rather monumental, with animals in movement, and a colour – the colour of cognac – that I’ve never used before. I wanted to do something exceptional, something complicated, that I would be proud of.” Added Yan Pei-Ming.


Famed artist Yan Pei-Ming

More information can be found on the Official Hennessy Website.


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