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STPI Presents Helen Frankenthaler: Prints 1977–2004

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STPI Presents Helen Frankenthaler: Prints 1977–2004

Helen Frankenthaler

See works from the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation and more

STPI, Creative Workshop & Gallery proudly presents their 2024 Annual Special Exhibition, “Helen Frankenthaler: Prints 1977–2004,” showcasing the prolific printmaking legacy of the late artist Helen Frankenthaler (1928 to 2011), a leading figure in modern American Abstract Expressionism. Arts

The When

Running from 29 June to 25 August 2024, this exhibition unveils nearly 40 of her print works from the National Collection of Singapore and the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation, New York, spotlighting her remarkable woodcuts, a rare treat for Singaporean audiences.

This special exhibition delves into Frankenthaler’s influential collaboration with American master printer Kenneth Tyler, exploring their dynamic partnership that laid the foundation for STPI. Helen Frankenthaler

Appreciating A Pioneer

Renowned as a pioneer of Colour Field painting within the Abstract Expressionism movement, Frankenthaler’s 26-year collaboration with Tyler at Tyler Graphics, New York, revolutionised the American Print Renaissance, echoing STPI’s ethos of innovation and collaboration.

Among the highlights is “Madame Butterfly,” a captivating woodcut masterpiece fusing East and West printmaking styles into a triptych featuring 102 different tones. Her mastery of colour creates a cloud-like effect, inviting viewers to explore personal interpretations. Helen Frankenthaler

A Highlight

Another standout piece is “Gateway,” a multimedia project spanning seven years, pushing the boundaries of printmaking and scale. This series showcases Frankenthaler’s daring experimentation and technical prowess, creating a multi-disciplinary tour de force.

What’s more, Elizabeth Smith, Executive Director of the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation stated, “This exhibition celebrates Helen Frankenthaler as an artist and trailblazer, one who constantly sought to materialise new creative possibilities.”

“With a collaborative spirit that is deeply rooted in STPI’s residency programme today, Frankenthaler’s 26-year artistic partnership with Ken Tyler redefined her own printmaking practice to capture her signature symphony of colours and fluid abstractions, producing the many ground-breaking works featured in this exhibition.” she concluded. Helen Frankenthaler

“Helen Frankenthaler: Prints 1977–2004” celebrates Frankenthaler’s expressive visual language and technical mastery, achieved through her collaboration with Tyler Graphics. This ethos of creative partnership, challenging boundaries, continues at STPI, empowering artists to reinvent print and paper conventions.


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