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Alexander McQueen Presents The Holiday Collection 2022

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Alexander McQueen Presents The Holiday Collection 2022

Alexander McQueen

And it is the perfect gift for the spooky season

The holiday season is just around the corner which means it’s the time of gifts and feeling bad after binging on enough cookies and turkey to feed an entire apartment block. This makes it the perfect time for fashionistas to start hinting at the new bag they want and this year, it’s the Alexander McQueen Holiday Collection 2022.

Naturally, this collection is breathtaking, but this year, there’s a twist, instead of being all gingerbread men and shiny, colourful ornaments like we are used to in the Winter season, Alexander McQueen is taking things in a different direction, a more… spooky season inspired collection. Now this is what we call holiday spirit.

So yes, instead of the usual Christmas cheer, the Alexander McQueen collection decides to go for a more Halloween themed collection even though Halloween is over and Christmas is coming up. We have to say, while it is unconventional, it works and it is bound to be one of the more unique gifts anyone can get this holiday season.

Moreover, this Alexander McQueen Holiday Collection includes many of the most iconic bag designs from the house and they are all festively redesigned specially for the holiday season. What’s more, they are all perfectly made for someone with a preference for darker colours as well as lighter ones.

For this new collection Alexander McQueen also looked to nature and the beauty of water, the most flexible and perpetually in motion form of inspiration there is. The beautiful four-ring clutches with jeweled four-ring hardware also come in white, pink, red, pale blue, turquoise, holographic and iridescent shells too.

Additionally, the all-over crystal embellishment can also be had across the Jeweled Satchel, Four-Ring Clutch and Flat Pouch styles, each finished with the jeweled Four-Ring hardware. If that alone does not add an element of unique flare to these spookily beautiful bags, we don’t know what will.

The Alexander McQueen Holiday 2022 collection is now available at Alexander McQueen stores across the globe and, of course, online for your convenience.

Looking for a spectacular holiday bag for yourself or as a gift to a spooky season loving friend? Check out the Official Alexander McQueen Website today.


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