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Prada’s Eternal Gold, Truly Sustainable, Truly Beautiful

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Prada’s Eternal Gold, Truly Sustainable, Truly Beautiful

Eternal Gold

The Eternal Gold collection redefines fine jewelry

The all new Eternal Gold collection from Prada is historic as it is the first collection that truly pushes the boundaries of fine jewelry. How so? Well by using 100 percent certified recycled gold, of course. Prada’s fine jewelry is not only easy on the eyes but also the perfect blend of traditional artistry and twenty-first century sustainability.Eternal Gold

Moreover, recycled gold used in the Prada Eternal Gold collection meets the ‘Chain of Custody’ standards set by the Responsible Jewelry Council. This ensures that every single step of Prada’s gold and diamond production chain is verifiable and traceable. No other fine jewelry or luxury house in the world does this at the moment.

In addition to the stunning Eternal Gold accessories, namely, the gorgeous necklace, earring and upper arm bracelet by Prada, the brand is also celebrating some notable personalities to mark the debut of this collection.Eternal Gold

These creative talents are award-winning American poet and activist Amanda Gorman, American actor, model, and singer-songwriter Maya Hawke, and Dutch-Korean-Canadian musician Somi Jeon. Each of them have a golden photo of them with one of three Eternal Gold products captured by David Sims.

Additionally, these stunning pieces of art and fine jewelry represent more than just sustainability or beauty. They are constantly exchanging between time past and time to come. Eternal Gold by Prada is a reflection of the notion of an heirloom, of endless love and affection passed down from one generation to another.

While on the surface, the Eternal Gold collection is reminiscent of classic fine jewelry, the collection throws conventional proportions out the window and changes the entire silhouette of the jewelry to give it a more modern look. The artwork also mirrors this as they are an exemplary mix of antique and avant-garde.

Want to look good without affecting the environment? Check out the Official Prada Website now and make sustainability look good on you today.


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