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Henry Jacques And Rafael Nadal Create New Fragrance


Henry Jacques And Rafael Nadal Create New Fragrance


The tennis legend and his wife, Maria Perello, made this possible

French Haute Parfumerie Henry Jacques is collaborating with tennis superstar Rafael Nadal and his wife, Maria Perello, to launch an all new special fragrance collection called “In All Intimacy,” and we wager it smells unlike anything we’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling before.Perello

The couple was already dazzled by the French Maison’s exclusive collections which displayed savoir-faire and exceptional mastery of their craft, so the couple are now working together with them to bring us three new fragrances reflective of their personalities, namely the Maria Perello, Rafael Nadal N° 1 and Rafael Nadal N° 2.

Moreover, this collection is also born of a series of firsts, a first for Henry Jacques to collaborate with an icon, a first for Nadal to collaborate on a fragrance and a first for the iconic married duo to work together on a project since their love story began almost two decades ago.

Henry Jacques shares its most iconic fragrances through various collections in its boutiques and continues to indulge our olfactory senses with fragrances too good to be true despite initially being a bespoke house. Now the Maison shares “In All Intimacy” through the eyes of Rafael Nadal and Maria Perello to all, another first for the Maison.Perello

Additionally, Maria Perello embodies the values near to Rafael Nadal perfectly and this is reflected in the fragrances too. Just like the fragrances, he is refined and elegant, a woman as discreet as she is determined. Her vision of only the finest haute perfumery is also present in the fragrances which are light and subtle but absolute.

Maria Perello said, “For me, it is important for my perfume to become part of my identity, to be recognizable and to perfectly match my personality. I envisioned this fragrance as a sense of security, self-confidence, uniqueness, strength and completeness. I really wanted it to smell like elegance, and more importantly, happiness.”

Fancy a fragrance as strong but subtle as Maria Perello? Visit the Official Henry Jacques Website now.


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