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It’s Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Christmas With Dior

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It’s Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Christmas With Dior


Experience the aroma of the La Collection Privee Holiday 2022

The holidays are around the corner and you know what that means. It’s that time again, a time to give meaningless gifts and pretend we like the ones we get. This year, Dior in collaboration with artist Pietro Ruffo are changing that by introducing an olfactory sensation like no other with the La Collection Privee Holiday 2022.Perfume

Ruffo brings us a stunning piece of artwork with a magical heavenly sky as the background set for an extravagant mix of animals and mythological figures. Featuring lynxes, giraffes, dragons and bears sitting alongside Perseus and Cassiopeia surrounded by rich flora.

However, the artwork is not the main event here, no that is reserved for the mesmerizing aroma of the perfumes and scented candles from Dior in the French Marque’s La Collection Privee Holiday collection. This means that you can get someone a gift that they will genuinely like or just treat yourself to one (or ten).

On top of that, these Dior perfumes not only tell a story through art, they also keep you smelling great and by extension, feeling more confident as a result. Just like the boldness of Perseus, the brave hero who slayed the mighty gorgon Medusa, these perfumes produce a bold and enchanting aroma that draws people in.

Just like the gaze of Medusa, you cannot resist the beauty of these intricate gift boxes in the La Collection Privee Holiday should you choose to get it as a gift for someone else over treating yourself, although we do recommend you gift these to your loved ones as the boxes are simply majestic and would make a great holiday decoration.

Our personal favourite part of the La Collection Privee Holiday is no doubt these super relaxing Dior scented candles which coincidentally, also come in a stellar gift box. Noticing the theme here? Whether you choose these perfumes and candles for yourself or as a gift, they are always presented perfectly for your visual pleasure.Gift Boxes

Looking for something to elevate the scent of your home or yourself or someone else? Check out the Official Dior Website now.


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