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Armani and Jackson Yee Unveil Limited Edition Collection

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Armani and Jackson Yee Unveil Limited Edition Collection


And all accessories in this collection are stylish and hip

Emporio Armani is once again showing the world their dedication to a sustainable future. This time they are collaborating with its global ambassador, Jackson Yee to launch the stylish Emporio Armani X JY limited edition collection of hip clothes and accessories. This collection is also an opportunity for a cultural exchange between the East and West.Armani

With creative input from Jackson Yee, he chose to utilize Chinese traditional culture as inspiration for the collection so he created a symbol resembling the Chinese character pattern for “hu” and used it in combination with the theme of “sustainable and renewable,” in some of the designs in this collection, which he designed himself.

Moreover, Jackson’s aim for this Armani collection is to express a philosophical view of traditional Chinese culture and that philosophy is, everything grows and changes according to the natural cycling of law and the symbolic relationship, which is a natural force that humans can’t ignore.

Giorgio Armani stated, “In recent years, I have become more and more committed to exploring how fashion can be increasingly sustainable. This is important for the future – the future of the planet and future generations. I have been heartened by the awareness that younger people have of this issue, and how it has acquired global importance.”

Jackson Yee also said, “I am looking forward to this collaboration with Emporio Armani. And Mr. Armani has always been a designer I respect and admire. His understanding and expression of fashion has had a profound influence on me at different stages of my life. ‘Environmental protection’ is a concept with a long history in traditional Chinese culture…”

“During the collaboration, I hope to present the perspective of Chinese young generation, which reflects both the big influence of traditional culture and the unique and innovative expression of a new generation. I also hope to encourage more people to pay attention to the environment and love traditional Chinese culture through this collaboration.” He concluded.5Jackson Yee

This enticing Emporio Armani X JY limited edition collection will be available at select Emporio Armani boutiques from 3 November 2022 onward, but we opine you should visit the Official Emporio Armani Website to snag something from the collection for yourself.


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