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Heineken Reveals Limited Edition Sneakers With Actual Beer In Them


Heineken Reveals Limited Edition Sneakers With Actual Beer In Them

Heineken Limited Edition Sneakers

Bringing the world of beer and collectible fashion together is Heineken, who have released their own pair of limited edition sneakers.

Now, if you thought McLaren launching its own performance footwear was something extraordinary, then you haven’t seen what Heineken has in store. They’re calling it the Heinekicks, a pair of limited edition kickers that quite literally allows wearers to ‘walk on beer’.

That’s because the Heinekicks actually has soles filled with beer. The custom sneakers are the result of a collaboration between celebrated sneaker virtuoso Dominic Ciambrone and the beer brand. Also known as ‘The Shoe Surgeon’, Ciambrone has crafted high-profile custom sneakers for LeBron James, DJ Khaled, Drake and more.

Still, Heinekicks is still a marketing gimmick, a cool one at that, to promote Heineken Silver, the brand’s newest beer. Created for a new generation of drinkers, Heineken Silver is a smooth and easy-to-drink beer, that’s brewed to elevate and refresh the social occasions of today.

Handing full reins to Ciambrone, The Shoe Surgeon weaved his magic to craft the new Heinekicks. To match Heineken Silver’s signature colourway, each pair features a sleek green lenticular upper with silver and red accents. Built into the tongue is a removable metal bottle opener, a handy feature when it’s time to enjoy a Heineken Silver.

Elevating the shoes are soles with Heineken Silver, added using a specialised surgical injection method to make Heinekicks the first ever pair of sneakers that allow you to walk on beer. As symbolic as it is functional, the soles provide the wearer with an unexpectedly smooth and unique sensation when on the go – an experience parallel to the smooth taste of Heineken’s new beer.

Heineken will release a total of 32 limited edition Heinekicks later this year. Seven pairs have been allocated to Singapore. No word yet if Malaysia is getting a pair or two for local buyers.

(Images: Heineken)


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