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Where Is The Curry In Malaysian Curry Laksa?


Where Is The Curry In Malaysian Curry Laksa?

Curry Laksa Breakfast

For years we have just accepted declining curry laksa taste and not commented.

We have been enjoying Curry Laksa in Malaysia for decades. However, this time we asked the question, where is the curry in this timeless spicy breakfast special?

As an occasional home cook and a true foodie with taste buds that are very different from the average Malaysian, we are analysing the humble breakfast special, Curry Laksa because after trying so many different variations all over the city for years we believe that this spicy bowl of noodles needs a revamp and a return to its origins.

Let’s first understand the dish. It is a bowl of noodles, the customer can usually choose between 4 to 5 different type of noodles and also the possibility of a combination of two. Our personal choice, kueh tiew with mee hoon.

Then there is the all important spicy ‘curry sauce’ which is added to the bowl of noodles. Next pieces of chicken, fish cake, cockles, tofu and some taugeh go in the bowl. Of course, some garnish on the top to give it ‘Instagram’ quality.

Curry Laksa BreakfastNow, here is where we have an issue. It is the all important ‘curry sauce’ that needs a revamp.

Rightfully, it should be light chicken curry with diced potatoes added to the noodles and fish cake that makes a real curry laksa. Not a light curry looking soup.

The indian style curry sauce (made with fresh coconut milk) must have the wholesome chicken taste and best to be served with sliced boneless chicken strips to give the customer the ability to enjoy the thick curry sauce with cooked chicken meat in every mouthful.

Instead it is some chunks of boiled chicken ‘added later’ to the ‘curry soup’. Yes, the Curry Laksa has taken many short cuts in the last decade and we want it to return to its origin. Also, lets no forget the need to have a sambal based paste on the side to be added.

So, are we right, or wrong, its up to the individual taste buds and we welcome your comments and suggestions on how the humble Curry Laksa needs to return to its roots, according to us.

By the way, until a few years ago, we could get Curry Laksa to our taste and 80 percent satisfaction at a simple food court in Ipoh Garden, Perak. Our last visit to the establishment was just before the Covid-19 scare and the family running it had retired from the business.

Probably because they were providing the best at a low profit margin.


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