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Aperol Spritz Is The Most Trending Cocktail Of 2022

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Aperol Spritz Is The Most Trending Cocktail Of 2022

Aperol Spritz

According to Google, this is what the world wants to drink

With 2023 just around the corner, Google has revealed its annual Year in Search compendium for 2022 with data that reveals all sorts of information including cocktail trends. This data shows that the Aperol Spritz, the delicious and bittersweet aperitif and Italy’s no. 1 classic cocktail, has taken the top spot for trending cocktails in 2022.Aperol Spritz

The full list was compiled by The Drinks Business but for a quick rundown, the Aperol Spritz beat the Espresso martini, which claimed second spot. Familiar classics such as the Cosmopolitan occupied fourth place, the Negroni in fifth, the Dirty Martini in sixth, the Mai Tai in the ninth position and the Pina Colada in tenth.

Moreover, the past year saw inflation rates rising all over the world. This led to economic concerns taking precedence over health consciousness. This indirectly became the driving force behind the success of low ABV beverages like the Aperol Spritz as more and more people started to drink in moderation.Aperol Spritz

Part of the appeal of Aperol Spritz is its effervescent quality and its distinct bittersweet character which fits perfectly into the profile of a low ABV cocktail. This is part of the reason for the success of this cocktail as drinks like this can be enjoyed without breaking the bank.

Additionally, the Aperol Spritz is really easy to assemble. Take 1 part Prosecco, 1 part Aperol, a splash of soda and a signature slice of orange in a glass over ice, and that is it. The sheer simplicity and refreshing and delicious taste made this drink perfect for anyone at any time and this is why it became the most popular drink this year.Aperol Spritz

Furthermore, the 10 percent ABV of the drink makes the Aperol Spritz the perfect cocktail in more niche situations as well. In this regard, it is the ideal low-proof and easy drinking choice for a pre-dinner Italian Aperitif. Interestingly enough, this drink finds its origins as a pre-dinner Italian Aperitif as well.

The Aperol Spritz is also perfect for light-hearted brunches or get-togethers after work as well. This achievement also speaks volumes to the efforts of the Campari Group, which owns the Aperol brand, in marketing the product to the world.cocktails

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