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Enjoy Festive Christmas Cocktails With Royal Selangor

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Enjoy Festive Christmas Cocktails With Royal Selangor


Savour unique flavours from three acclaimed mixologists

The Royal Selangor is getting their holiday spirit on in the most spirited of ways this festive season. While it may be true that cocktails are a year-round type of drink and aren’t seasonal, you can’t deny that they become just that little bit more delightful during the festive season and The Royal Selangor certainly agrees.cocktails

The Royal Selangor has been a beacon of innovation and quality since 1885 and with over a century of experience crafting the most exciting experiences and prestigious tableware and gift items with a modern touch while still maintaining their heritage and old school craftsmanship making them second to none.

In lieu of the festive season, the Royal Selangor has partnered with three acclaimed mixologists, one from Australia, one from the United Kingdom and one from our very own, Malaysia. These renowned mixologists will come up with their own unique cocktails for you to enjoy and just in time for Christmas too.

The three mixologists are Samuel Cocks from Australia, CK Kho from Malaysia and Jack Jamieson from the United Kingdom. Samuel launched Bar Rogue and is passionate about native botanicals while CK, owns the Coley Cocktail Bar in Kuala Lumpur and Jack was experimenting with various cocktails before becoming a mixologist.

From this alone, we can tell that all three of these gentlemen are capable of extraordinary cocktails but if we tried to go over every single cocktail these amazing talents are curating for us, it would take forever. So instead, I will just touch on two cocktails made by our fellow Malaysian mixologist, CK Kho.Royal Selangor

First up is the Ape & Coffee which consists of 30ml Monkey Shoulder, 15ml Bol’s Genever, 30ml Antica Formula and 10ml Coffee Liqueur stirred together then poured into ice and garnished with dill sprigs. Now we don’t know about you but that sounds absolutely smashing to us and perfect to sip on while singing Christmas carols too.

The next cocktail CK has in store for us is the Tipsy Coyote which consists of 30ml Montelobos Espadin , 60ml Fresh watermelon juice, 15ml White Vermouth, 15ml Agave nectar, 10ml Fresh lime juice and dill sprigs with all the ingredients shaken with ice, it’s tempting just writing about it.Royal Selangor

Itching for a sip? Visit the Official Royal Selangor Website today.


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