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The Macallan Releases A New Harmony Collection

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The Macallan Releases A New Harmony Collection


The latest Scotch whisky celebrates the world of coffee

The Macallan has just released a new second edition of the delicious Harmony Collection. This limited annual release was born of the Whisky maker’s intrinsic curiosity, creativity and innovativity. The last Harmony Collection gave us an exclusive coffee and whisky kit, now get ready for something more.Harmony

The new Macallan Harmony Collection explores the brand’s packaging strategy for the future and features an unmistakable packaging utilising organic by-products and gives these by-products a new lease at life. Plus it makes the entire package look better overall too.

Moreover, the Macallan Harmony Collectiont celebrates the wonderful world of coffee. This new whisky in particular was inspired by intense Arabica coffee beans, specifically the Ethiopian Arabica coffee bean. What’s more, the hybrid packaging of the collection was made using recycled materials like coffee bean husks.Harmony

Steven Bremner, the maker of this unique whisky, created the intense flavour of the Macallan Harmony Collection specifically to pair well with coffee. Through his learning, Steven chose a combination of American and European oak casks to ensure the rich and intense flavour.

“Exploring the world of coffee with our masters in the industry, who shared their knowledge, creativity, and love for their art, was both an education and an inspiration,” explains Bremner. “There are many parallels between the approach to creating incomparable whisky and coffee.”Harmony

Additionally, Scottish coffee roaster, Lisa Lawson, who also helped Steven learn about Arabica Coffee said, “Today, people have a greater understanding of coffee, they know the vocabulary, they know what they like, and with whisky it’s the same. Whisky goes well with coffee- it comes at the end of a meal and it’s natural for whisky and coffee flavours to sit together.”

In case you missed it, the original Macallan Harmony Collection was luanched last year, coinciding with the release of Rich Cacao. This blend incorporated discarded husks from cacao pods in its packaging and offered a distinctive chocolate flavour, not unlike the Macallan Harmony Collection now.

Whether you prefer whisky or if you fancy yourself a coffee aficionado, the new Macallan Harmony Collection will see to it that you can enjoy both distinct flavours. With every sip, you’re assured of an innovative blend of both drinks that come together impeccably with the highest level of craftsmanship.The Macallan

Feeling thirsty for innovation? Visit the Official Macallan Website now.


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