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Macallan Co-Creates Luxury Kit With Luxury Designer

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Macallan Co-Creates Luxury Kit With Luxury Designer


Its all about enjoying your drink in style

The Macallan has always been great at celebrating, after all, whisky is usually all we need to celebrate any occasion. So now, to celebrate the release of the Scottish Whisky brand’s newest Harmony Collection which was inspired by intense arabica, the brand brings us the Macallan Harmony Ritual Kit specially for your drink.Macallan

The Macallan is co-creating this kit with LA-based Filipino-American fashion designer Rhuigi Villasenor and it will be a limited annual release series. This collection is a result of the brand’s unshakable connection to nature, a relationship that spans almost two centuries in exploring sustainable packaging.

Moreover, the Macallan Ritual Kit is the second edition in this collection that was inspired by the Arabica coffee bean from Ethiopia, regarded as the birthplace of coffee. This collection also offers an unmatched sensory experience for you by blurring the line between coffee and whisky in this perfect blend.

The Macallan Ritual kit is a dual sided kit that offers all necessary elements for a multi-sensory tasting experience of the perfect blend between whisky and coffee. On the whisky side is a Macallan Harmony Collection and on the coffee side is a custom french press designed by Rhuigi Villasenor himself.Rhuigi

This means that you can enjoy your whisky in the two custom glasses made specially to maximise the flavours and aromas of your favourite whisky and also enjoy fresh pressed coffee in two other specially designed coffee cups to enjoy ethically sourced. The kit also includes a QR code leading to a video tutorial on how to flawlessly execute the pairing ritual at home.

Additionally, Rhuigi Villasenor was the natural choice for this collaboration as the artist is an inherent curiosity for innovation and creativity and this is mirrored in the artistry of Macallan as a brand. Both the brand and the artist appreciate the unexpected and find new ways to reimagine classic elements with a twist.

Being a master in his industry, Rhuigi offers the Macallan his knowledge, creativity and love for all things art and this was a key factor in the creation of this kit. What’s more, both parties share a commitment to sustainability which is why the box for the kit was meticulously crafted to be a permanent fixture in any home.Macallan

More information can be found on the Official Macallan Website.


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