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The HiFi Rose RS520 Has Everything You Need

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The HiFi Rose RS520 Has Everything You Need


It is an all in one network streamer amplifier

HiFi Rose is a HiFi Media Player brand that pushes the boundaries of functionality of audio and the brand has launched a new product called the RS520. It is an advanced, premium all-in-one network streamer amplifier with a built-in network player, DAC and amplifier that combines convenience with top notch sound.RS520

The HiFi Rose RS520 takes the best functions of existing streamers and puts them all into one single package. Equipped with the ES9038PRO Digital Audio Converter (DAC), which is the flagship DAC chip of ESS technology, a world-class DAC manufacturer, this streamer amplifier is already far ahead of the competition.

Moreover, the HiFi Rose RS520 also features a class-AD amplifier mounted on it which uses a new material GaN (gallium nitride) FET to significantly reduce the “dead time” which maximizes itinerary. This makes for an overall much more crisp and enjoyable music experience.

What’s more, the HiFi Rose RS520 doesn’t just play and stream ultra high-quality music, but the OS system on this device also offers a whole host of services including 4K high-definition video playback, music oriented YouTube listening, podcasts as well as various other radio broadcasts from all across the globe.RS520

Furthermore, the HiFi Rose RS520 is built on Rose’s unique design, know-how and functions which the brand has accumulated over many years. Every aspect of the RS520 was made for high quality sound and all the internal key functions are split across separate boards with individual power feeds for optimized operation.

Also, the four surfaces of the housing of the HiFi Rose RS520 are all made from a single piece of high-durability 6000 class aluminium which reduces the number of separate parts needed to produce the casework. This “one-piece” production method also drastically reduces the risk of vibrations too.

Additionally, the android based Rose OS on the HiFi Rose RS520 allows you to play music and video files from a local storage device (USD, Micro SD or SATA) and access files elsewhere on your home network with a DLNA connection. It also features built-in apps for Tidal, Qobuz and Apple Music as well.RS520

With all this, the HiFi Rose RS520 is the ultimate all-in-one audio experience for every music taste and every auditory experience to enjoy the highest quality possible.

More details about the HiFi Rose RS520 can be found at the Official AV1 Website.


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