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OWNDAYS Partners With Huawei To Launch Smart Audio Glasses

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OWNDAYS Partners With Huawei To Launch Smart Audio Glasses


OWNDAYS Smart Glasses provide an unrivaled visual and auditory experience

OWNDAYS is a leading eyewear brand from Japan with more than 480 shops across the globe. The company sells over 2.5 million pairs of glasses a year.OWNDAYS

Now, the Japanese fast fashion eyewear brand has announced a partnership with Chinese tech giant, Huawei, to release the OWNDAYS x HUAWEI Eyewear Smart Audio Glasses. These glasses combine the expertise of the Japanese brand in the optical industry with Huawei’s cutting-edge technology.

Smart & Stylish

The OWNDAYS x HUAWEI Eyewear Smart Audio Glasses boasts a smart wearable design providing an unparalleled visual and auditory experience. Its sleek, minimalist look is boardroom-ready and intriguingly stylish, which results in functional eyewear that corrects your vision while allowing you to take calls.


Huawei OwndaysDirectional Speakers, Better Audio Quality


The OWNDAYS x HUAWEI Eyewear Smart Audio Glasses features an open-ear design that allows you to stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying your music on the go. Its frame temples are equipped with semi-open, 128mm2 large amplitude speakers for supreme audio quality and clarity.

Intuitive Touch Technology

On top of that, the OWNDAYS x HUAWEI Eyewear Smart Audio Glasses lets you switch between music tracks, control volume and take calls using the intuitive touch control system built on the temples. This allows users  to enjoy music conveniently without needing to touch their phone or paired audio device.OWNDAYS

Quick Charge, More Convenience

In addition to a lightweight design built for long hours of comfortable wear, the OWNDAYS x HUAWEI Eyewear Smart Audio Glasses can charge very quickly. It takes approximately 85 minutes to complete a full charge which will provide up to 6 hours of audio playback and 4.5 hours of voice calls.

Cool Glasses, Cooler Shades

When it gets glaring outdoors, the OWNDAYS x HUAWEI Eyewear Smart Audio Glasses can be transformed into sunglasses instantly using the designated SNAP LENS. The clip-on attachment with built-in magnets make attaching it to the frame front an effortless experience.Huawei

Further product information can be found at the Official OWNDAYS Website.


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