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+Audio Elevates Your Audio Standards With The +Record Player

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+Audio Elevates Your Audio Standards With The +Record Player


+AUDIO is once again giving you something to elevate your living space with

Comprised of passionate music lovers and professionals who span design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution, the +AUDIO brand focuses on matching the needs and tastes of contemporary audio enthusiasts. The brand crafts high-end audio products that deliver only the highest quality in compact enclosures, with timeless design and intuitive controls.+Audio

The brand designs and engineers its audio products from the ground up and uses only the finest parts, materials and components, handpicked from the finest manufacturers to meet the highest quality standards. The result is durable products designed for superior audio quality.

The Do-It-All System

Vinyl fans will appreciate the revolutionary +Record Player. As the first of its kind, this genius all-in-one phono system features a built-in, high-performance stereo speaker system that will surely transform your living space all while ensuring your experience is always top notch.

While surpassing expectations with regards to high fidelity listening devices, the +Record Player is designed by Alexander Ahnebrink and is unlike any other audio product in the market. In addition to sounding great, it also turns up the style of any living space tenfold with its signature style+Audio

Crisp Audio, Superior Style

Designed with modern sensibility in mind, this record player is instantly recognizable by its clean lines, utter simplicity and timeless elegance as well as wood veneer and aluminum accents.  Each aspect of the +Record Player has been carefully chosen not only with sound quality and durability in mind, but also for its unique design profile that allows the record player to match any decor.

Modern Style, Old School Aesthetic

Despite looking modern, the +Record Player is a versatile analog and digital music system featuring a 33/45 rpm vinyl playback and Bluetooth capability to stream music from any smart device. Additionally, it also offers optical inputs via connection to a digital source or TV, and a USB input/output to rip vinyl to MAC/PC, or play back music files.

Where To Get It?

For more information on this versatile analog and digital audio system, check out the Official +Audio Website.


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