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Devialet Launches Exclusive Edition Mania Speakers In Two Exclusive Colours

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Devialet Launches Exclusive Edition Mania Speakers In Two Exclusive Colours

Devialet Mania

You can now enjoy the Devialet Mania in sunset rose and sandstorm

Devialet has today revealed the Seasonal Colour Exclusive Editions of Devialet Mania. The company’s portable smart speaker delivers adaptive 360° sound, anytime, anywhere making it the summer’s most sought-after collector’s item. They’re also a pair of speakers that is sure to elevate your audio experience to the highest level.Devialet Mania

Colours Of Sound

Moreover, while on the surface, sound and colour do not seem to have much in common, they are intrinsically linked in the world of acoustics. The colour of sound, also known as the “noise spectrum,” refers to how much energy flows at different sound frequencies.

The Seasonal Colour Exclusive Devialet Mania is dedicated to delivering transformative sound in unique packages, Devialet took inspiration from this concept to develop Seasonal Colours Exclusive Editions for a truly emotive listening experience unlike any other.

Masters In Metamorphosis

On top of that, with the added burst of colour, the exclusive editions feature the industry-leading proprietary technologies embedded in Devialet Mania, delivering the same expansive 360° sound, for a state-of-the-art listening experience in a compact, portable form.Devialet Mania

360° Sound, 100% Freedom

Like traveling in style? Alongside the new and exclusive Seasonal Colours, the brand is also launching the Devialet Mania Cocoon, a custom-design sleeve that seamlessly moulds to fit the portable smart speaker, guaranteeing total protection on the move ensuring that you look good while listening to top quality audio as well.

You can also personalise as you go, with Devialet Mania Cocoon offering both a woven logo shoulder strap and rubber handle for a sleek portable experience that is also truly one of a kind and expresses your own unique style.

Music To Fit The Mood

Each Seasonal Colour has inspired a musical playlist that reflects the poetry of the colours of sound. For Sunset Rose, Devialet has crafted Pink Noise, which, sounding like a waterfall, is not only often used to tune loudspeaker systems in professional audio, but is one of the most commonly observed signals in biological systems.

As for Sandstorm, Brownian noise decreases in intensity by 6 dB per octave (20 dB per decade), and, when heard, has a “damped” or “soft” quality compared to white and pink noise. Presenting a low roar resembling a waterfall or heavy rainfall, Brownian noise provides Mania with pure tranquillity.Devialet Mania

More information can be found on the Official Devialet Website.


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