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MCM Collaborates With Be@rbrick On A Figurine

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MCM Collaborates With Be@rbrick On A Figurine


This two brands drop a limited edition collectible

Two iconic brands come together once again despite the fact that things are slowing down as the year comes to a close. German luxury fashion brand MCM announced their new collaboration with Japanese collectible maker, Be@rbrick to create a unique Be@rbrick figurine sporting the iconic iconography of the German Haus.figurine

For the first time in history, the two brands will work on releasing an MCM X Be@rbrick figurine presented in a white chrome version of the long-running MCM Visetos Monogram, a design which was initially conceived in the German city of Munich in the year 1976.

Now these good looking figurines will also be made available in Japan as a single set containing 100 percent and 400 percent sized models. What’s more, there will also be a 1000 percent larger than ever before life size version of the Be@rbrick model that will be released worldwide, another first ever situation.figurine

On top of that, this new larger than life version of the Be@rbrick figurine will be presented with a variation of the iconic bear finished in the classic MCM cognac Visetos Monogram print. This treatment makes it even more indicative of the collaboration between the two brands and of course, make it look cooler.

Now we have already covered the Be@rbrick figurine before this but now we get to see an all new version in a form factor we have never seen before. So if you missed the last drop or if you are just a fan of both or either of the brands, then this limited edition drop is the perfect holiday gift for you or a loved one.

Naturally, these collaborative Be@rbrick figurines will be made available for purchase at all MCM boutiques as well as pop-up stores from the brand as well as Medicom toy stores.doll

Visit the Official MCM Website to find out more.


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