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Royal Selangor Introduces Special Edition Tiger BE@RBRICK


Royal Selangor Introduces Special Edition Tiger BE@RBRICK


This tiger BE@RBRICK is designed fully out of stripes

The Royal Selangor designed its first 1000 percent BE@RBRICK in December 2021 specifically for the BE@RBRICK Worldwide Tour 3 in Tokyo Japan and it looked incredible. Now say hello to the special edition Tiger BE@RBRICK which utilizes tiger stripes to make a full structure and we badly want one.

This Special Edition Tiger BE@RBRICK Royal Selangor is made of delicate lines and features a delicate openwork style which make up the tiger’s characteristic stripes. This motif was inspired by the Langkasuka style reflective of the culture of the northern states of the Malay Peninsula

Moreover, it is this very culture that results in the powerful and precise form of the tiger BE@RBRICK and highlights the strength and beauty of the ‘Panthera Tigris Tigris’. This is the scientific name for this majestic animal the BE@RBRICK is based on and it is apparent on both the 1000 percent and 400 percent tigers.BE@RBRICK

Also, this product also serves as a reminder of the fact that the tiger species is hanging on by a thread as the animal is classified as a Critically Endangered species under the IUCN Red List for Threatened Species. This means that the tiger species is dangerously close to being just a distant memory if we are not careful.

That makes the beauty inherent in these little tigers all the more eye-catching. It serves as a reminder of just how rough we have made it for these wonderful creatures to live to the point where their entire species could be on the brink of extinction.BE@RBRICK

The Special Edition Tiger BE@RBRICK from Royal Selangor weighs about 14.5kg and stands at about 70cm tall and comes in a specially-made wooden case complete with wheels. It goes on sale from 3 December 2022 at MEDICOM TOY’S official store and MCT Tokyo so grab yours while you still can.

Naturally, these adorable little tigers will be made in limited numbers and should you be interested, you can pre-order yours at the Royal Selangor website with the 1000 percent tiger going for RM33,900 and the 400 percent setting you back RM8,250. We reckon these would look good on any display rack and will be sure to garner a compliment or two from anyone who sees it.Tiger

Visit the Official Royal Selangor Website to find out more.


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