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Loewe Brings Back The Puzzle Bag, This Time In Solid Colours

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Loewe Brings Back The Puzzle Bag, This Time In Solid Colours


Always ready to defy convention, Loewe reimagines an iconic bag again

This season Loewe is back to disrupt the status quo once more and make us all rethink what we know about fashion. They reimagined the puffer bag, now get ready for Loewe to reinvent the Puzzle bag. Now presented in pure solid colours, they’ve also brought back the Goya Flamenco and Puzzle Hobo as puffer bags as well as innovative puffer sunglasses.Loewe

Loewe is once again reinventing their modern classics and are we glad to be on this ride. The new Solid colour puzzle Bag is the perfect blend of technical innovation, expert craftsmanship and mastery of colour. This new conceptual approach of removing all the unnecessary “frills” to focus attention on what matters is amazing.

This new Puzzle bag will see every piece of it, from the satin calfskin panels to its solid hardware coloured in exactly the same shade. This highlights the colour of a single clear tone.

Moreover, the Fall Winter 2022 Puzzle collection, including the hammock bag and bracelet pouch, will come in a slew of vibrant colours such as vintage green, plumrose, aquamarine, black, pecan, orange, and scuba blue. The use of just one solid colour will force attention onto the sharp details and skilled craftsmanship.

The puffer story takes leather craftsmanship up a notch just like with the previous puffer collection from Loewe. Speaking of which, the Goya Puffer will now be made available in clay green, black, dark chocolate, camel, and plumrose. Meanwhile the Flamenco and Puzzle Hobo will also be made into Puffer versions.

Also Loewe is now introducing eyewear into the Puffer story. Drawing inspiration from surrealism’s eye-catching trompe l’oeil motifs, these new age puffer sunglasses feature massive inflated frames covered in vivid primary colours. They also sport a new silk-screened logo.

All in all, the entire collection gives off a luxurious and feminine feel. More importantly, just like before, touch is just as important as feel so this time Loewe has made sure the quality of materials is just as immaculate as before so you feel just as great carrying your bag as everyone else feels looking at it.Loewe

Eyeing a new eye-catching bag or pair of sunglasses to wear? Get yours on the Official Loewe Website today.


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