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Dior Expands The CD Diamond Sunglasses Line With The New Savoir-Faire

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Dior Expands The CD Diamond Sunglasses Line With The New Savoir-Faire

Diamond Sunglasses

The savoir-faire are the epitome of CD craftsmanship and they look the part too

Christian Dior is a brand that is world renowned for revolutionizing the women’s fashion industry and their CD Diamond Sunglasses line is yet another reminder to us all of this. Now the French Marque is taking this collection a step further with the addition of the all new savoir-faire diamond sunglasses and they look amazing.Diamond Sunglasses

Making these new diamond sunglasses was no easy feat either, they were made by perfectly combining cutting edge technology with the most highly refined craftsmanship. They’ve essentially taken a girl’s best friend and made it even better and more stylish than ever. This is very well reflected in how beautiful the CD Diamond Sunglasses look.

Just admiring them in the photos is enough to understand that these sunglasses are the result of only the highest level of expertise in this craft. Every detail, every element required several stages of production to give us this masterpiece we see and it shows.

Moreover, the look of these diamond sunglasses are deliberate. You can tell just by looking at them that every single thing about them was meticulously planned out with laser focus and it was all worth it to shape the unique beauty of these accessories. We can even see many instances of this throughout the sunglasses. One of these examples is the Christian Dior signature being laser engraved onto the lenses.

Peer closely and you can also see a diamond motif and iconic CD diamond logo being applied with surgical precision since they were all assembled by hand. By being so thorough, these diamond sunglasses are the perfect example of the meticulousness of Christian Dior as a brand and why we love them.Diamond Sunglasses

Want to get a diamond eyewear masterpiece for yourself? Check out the Official Dior Website today.


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