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Loewe Revitalizes Its Iconic Goya Bags In Puffer Form

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Loewe Revitalizes Its Iconic Goya Bags In Puffer Form


And unlike certain movie remakes, this remake is actually incredible

Prepare your eyes for a sensory thrill adventure this season as Loewe brings back the historic Goya bag. This time around though there’s a twist, the well known Goya bag we all know and love will come in a new Puffer form factor. And frankly, it looks simply gorgeous in this new soft, inflated and boisterous form.Bag Model

Moreover, this new Goya bag from Loewe will be blown up with natural goose feathers to enhance its look. It will also be finished in a gold Anagram fastening that will further accentuate the pillowy inflated appearance of the bag. Basically, making it look like you’re carrying a puffy coloured cloud in your arms.

What else can we say other than this whimsical but stunningly beautiful bag is a looker. It also shows the world that anyone who uses it is not shy to be who they are and express their own bold style however they choose. So, if that sounds like you, then you definitely want this bag.Loewe

Also, the puffer look takes leather craftsmanship further up the field. It showcases the full potential of Loewe by taking the jewel like Goya handbag and puffing its comfortable Nappa lambskin into the supple, round and soft puffer bag with a sprinkling of natural goose feathers to complete the new look.

For this new interpretation from Loewe, Creative Director, Jonathan Anderson has brought the spotlight over to the feel of the bag and makes sure the new Puffer Goya feels just as good as it is to look at. He describes the intended feeling of touching the bag to be luxuriously sensual and based on the pictures, we say he accomplished it.

Goya Puffer Bag


What’s more, this all new Puffer Goya from Loewe is lightweight despite looking big, making it the perfect bag for all day use and for any occasion. Available in a plethora of deep and jaw dropping colours, this bag is as close to perfect as it can get.Loewe

While this whimsical bag is available at selected stores worldwide, we recommend you check out the Official Loewe Website if you want to get your hands on one.


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