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Casetify And Maharishi Collab On A Camo Collection

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Casetify And Maharishi Collab On A Camo Collection


The tech accessory brand and fashion label give us military style accessories

Global tech accessory brand Casetify is well loved and is the preferred brand of Hollywood celebrities for good reason. They are unique and always keep up to date with current trends. Now the brand has announced it will be collaborating with Maharishi, the iconic London clothing label founded by Hardy Blechman in 1994.

The Casetify and Maharishi collaboration of tech accessories dropped on 2 December 2022 and uses the tagline, “The names are many, the truth is one.” This is a deep quote and the entire collection centres heavily around camouflage graphic treatment and also features Maharishi’s MILTYPE typography.

Moreover, this Casetify and Maharishi collaboration features items like iPhone and iPad cases, Apple Watch Bands as well as Macbook Snap Cases to give your favourite everyday tech a cool new military inspired look. Plus, these items just make your accessories stand out more as camo cases are a rare sight to behold.Maharishi

While all these accessories are amazing, the main highlight of this Casetify and Maharishi collaboration is without a shadow of a doubt, the skateboard featuring the latter brand’s MILTYPE logo and signature camouflage patterns, The DPM: Tigerskins. Now your skateboard can match your electronics too.

What’s more, the signature pattern found on all these Casetify and Maharishi products are specially crafted for collectors as anyone who is interested in the brand will be able to immediately recognize these patterns, thus making everything in the collection far more valuable and desirable.

Additionally, the Casetify and Maharishi collection also includes a flask case so you can stay hydrated and still look absolutely stunning while doing it. The flask case will also serve as a quick conversation starter in many cases as someone may notice it first then compliment you on it.

This could lead to a whole conversation about the rest of these camo products. This means, the collection will make it easier for you to make new friends too. Naturally, the collection will sell like hot cakes so if you want to skip the queue at the Casetify studio locations just check the Casetify website to get yours today.

Visit the Official Maharishi Website to find out more.


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