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Cartier And Mathilde Laurent Reveal USO.2

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Cartier And Mathilde Laurent Reveal USO.2


The fragrance was revealed in Paris and is dubbed “The Scented Myth”

The world of perfumery is saturated, yet Cartier has trusted Mathilde Laurent to be their official perfumer since 2005 as she exemplifies the avant-garde in her work. In a field that is becoming stale. Mathilde adds poetry and imagination to her scents and she is doing it again with the launch of Unidentified Scented Objects (USO.2).USO.2

Laurent does what she does to elevate the soul through the beauty of our senses, as she so eloquently puts it, “To live is to breathe, to breathe is to smell,” and as counter intuitive as it may seem, her pioneering work (especially USO.2, also known as “the scented myth”) is actually executed with the utmost respect for tradition.

The reason Laurent is so unique in the world of perfumes is because she looks at the molecular aspect of perfume and makes that her focus. This contradicts the idea of everything beautiful and noble coming from nature. She even advocates for more honesty towards these molecules too.

Before Laurent began working on USO.2, she had been working tirelessly to revive synthetic molecules. Some of her most notable attempts include L’Heure Perdue, which is the eleventh fragrance to be released from the Les Heures de Parfum collection as well as the Les Epures de Cartier collection in 2020.USO.2

Laurent’s creations for Cartier including USO.2 represent perfumery that defies convention. It avoids the dull consensus while still paying homage to history and bringing something new to the table. She pushes the boundaries of the relationship between our olfaction and beauty and says, “Beauty is not reduced to nature.”

Moreover, USO.2 is about more than just being a perfume, it is about allowing the public to discover and experience the power of olfaction after taking the perfume out of its bottle. This was the very inspiration for the Cartier USO.2 and it challenges us to dream bigger and see beyond what we thought we could experience with smells.

In conjunction with the launch of USO.2, Cartier is hosting an olfactory journey through an exclusive event designed to dazzle your olfactory senses in a way you never thought possible. The experience takes place from 1 to 11 December 2022 at the  rue Robert Esnault-Pelterie, 75007 Paris. The link to register is here so don’t miss out.perfume

Looking to up your perfume game? Visit the Official Cartier Website today.


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