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Cartier Introduces The Pebble-Shaped Watch

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Cartier Introduces The Pebble-Shaped Watch


50 years on and this Cartier watch is still an icon

From the very beginning up to today, when watch enthusiasts seek out to collect the rarest and most sought after watches, Cartier is almost always a constant name in the conversation. That is all well and good but what exactly are these enthusiasts looking for? Easy, a creation born from a singular vision.Cartier

A Cartier watch is more than just a watch, it’s art, a reflection of originality, ever changing and undiscovered forms inspired by the brand’s heritage. This is what sets the brand apart, this is what keeps connoisseurs coming back. Speaking of connoisseurs, the brand will often reissue certain notable creations just for them.

These watches are the most coveted models from Cartier, made to closely resemble the original, representing a landmark in the Maison’s watchmaking history to memorialize these rare timepieces. Recent examples include the 100 Pasha Calendrier Perpetuel and 150 Tank Cintree 100th Anniversary Edition watches last year.Cartier

Today, that history continues with a watch that has personified the heritage of Cartier for the past 50 years. This anniversary is the opportunity to pay tribute to the rarity and singularity of the timepiece that every enthusiast wants. A design so prolific it sums up the excitement in London during the 1970s fresh off the swinging sixties.

It is none other than the Cartier Pebble-Shaped watch. This watch was born of the unchallenged creativity that possessed Cartier at the time. It was the time where all the wildest ideas were given a breath of life from the Crash in 1967 to the 1970 Double strap. Plus being produced in limited numbers only made it more desirable.Watch

Now half a century later, this unprecedented look is reimagined in a version that still pays homage to the original 1972 model in terms of overall looks. With its unique pebble-like case, this new addition to the Cartier Collection highlights the unparalleled mixture of a round and square dial hidden under a revolutionary exterior.

Naturally, this unique Cartier timepiece will be limited to a total of 150 units, each one carrying subtle differences in proportions. This makes it not only more desirable, but also extra unique on a piece to piece basis. What’s more, the watch will also bear the brand’s flattest hand-wound movements, the Manufacture 430 MC movement.

On top of that, this watch also symbolizes the creative principles set forth by Louis Cartier himself. These include pure lines, precise shapes, harmonious proportions and keen attention to detail. Everything from its 18-carat gold case, roman numerals, eggshell-coloured dial, blued sword-shaped hands and secret signature reflect this.Pebble

Want a modern day heritage timepiece to add to your collection? Visit the Official Cartier Website today.


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