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Say Hello To The Bell And Ross BR 03 Type A Patrouille De France

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Say Hello To The Bell And Ross BR 03 Type A Patrouille De France

BR 03 Type A

This watch embodies the excellence of the air and space force

Bell and Ross have always been a brand with a keen interest in aviation and the military since its inception in 1994 and their latest collaboration with Patrouille De France embodies this very well. Say hello to the BR 03 Type A Patrouille De France which embodies the expertise of the Air and Space Force perfectly.BR 03 Type A

It is no secret that many elite military units from various armed forces of nations across the globe choose Bell & Ross watches to adorn their wrists on the most perilous missions and this is a testament to the excellence of the French watchmaker and the BR 03 Type A Patrouille De France takes that a step further.

The BR 03 Type A Patrouille De France is not just a gorgeous beauty, it also features one of the most prestigious acrobatic formations known to man and the Patrouille De France pilots emblem on its dial making it a true ambassador of the French wings that symbolize the expertise of the Air and Space Force.

After officially forging a partnership with the Patrouille De France, and launching its first dedicated watch, the BR 03 Type A Patrouille De France, Bruno Belamich, Bell and Ross co-founder and creative director stated, “Bell & Ross shares the same values of precision and performance as the pilots in this elite aerobatic unit.”BR 03 Type A

The new BR 03 Type A Patrouille De France also follows tradition as in 2008, Bell and Ross designed the BR 03 Type A instrument for fighter pilots at the request of the Air Force. The new version features their colours as well. This makes the watch even more personalized to the Air Force.

Furthermore, the watch adopts a “rounded square” look and features a 42mm steel case. The watch is also equipped with a quartz movement and has a dual analogue and digital display which also has a 30 month battery life. It was also built meticulously to cope with speeds of 300km/h to 800km/h which pilots will be regularly flying in.

Naturally, the BR 03 Type A Patrouille De France will be limited to only 100 units  to not tamper with its exclusivity. Each pilot in the French unit will also be given one of these emblematic watches that is sure to become a collectors item in no time.Watch

More information can be found on the Official Bell and Ross Website.


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