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Cartier Introduces A New Mini Size On The Baignoire Watch

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Cartier Introduces A New Mini Size On The Baignoire Watch


The Baignoire watch comes also with a matching bangle to boot

The history of the Baignoire watch is at the heart of Cartier’s emblematic watchmaking style. After the square shape of the Santos watch in 1904 and the bold design of the Tortue in 1906, the Maison created a watch in 1912 with a rectangular case rounded at the ends.

Ongoing Evolution

The concept continued to evolve until 1958, with the Cartier curved oval watch, with its slightly curved case fitting the contour of the wrist. This was the first appearance of the watch that was to be named the Baignoire in 1973, and displayed its signature details, such as a domed crystal, a dial with Roman numerals and a smooth gold ribbon.

Since then, the Baignoire watch has remained true to itself, appearing in a number of variations. This iconic watch takes on an infinite number of possible forms, each time resembling only itself.

Changing The Scale

Through a new ratio of proportions, the balance is reversed. The Baignoire is both miniaturised and amplified. On a miniature case, the bangle, like a gadroon that has been expanded, encircles the delicate dial in gold. Purity of line, precision of form, accuracy of proportion: it is worn as a piece of jewellery simply because it is essential.

One Watch, Two Faces

On top of that, with its Roman numerals and curved crystal, this timeless Cartier model is now available in two new versions. The first celebrates pure elegance, with a less is more approach.

This is a watch that asserts itself through the delicacy of its proportions, with the yellow gold shine of its bezel contrasting with a black patent leather strap. More couture, more refined perhaps, this latest expression of its singularity is just as fitting.

Taming the infinity of time until it is at the heart of miniature watches is a game to Cartier, which takes advantage of the wonder of changing scales to blur the lines. Drawing upon the Maison’s dual identity as a jeweller and watchmaker, the craftsmen challenge what has been achieved and push the creative boundaries with a sense of curiosity.Baignoire

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