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Cartier Brings Back The Iconic Panthere C clasp

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Cartier Brings Back The Iconic Panthere C clasp


The luxury brand releases new chain bag featuring this clasp

Last year Cartier pushed the limits of imagination and released the Panthere de Cartier bag which featured the iconic Panthere C clasp. This year the Panther returns to leave its mark on fashion once again with the newly designed Panthere de Cartier Chain bag. Get ready for the return of the panther with Cartier.

The Panthere C Clasp is immediately noticed on this new Cartier bag as this iconic clasp is the mainstay of the bag in all its speckled glory that instantly captures our attention. One fine attention to detail would be the nod to the imperceptible feline movement represented by the subtle undulation running along the flap.

Moreover, every detail of this bag was meticulously structured from the shape to the handles and even the gussets. This thorough approach ensures the clasp can be fully appreciated. This bag also features a bangle with a graphic panther head, created in collaboration between Cartier and its High Jewelry Sculptors.

Without this partnership, the purity of the lines and accuracy of the proportions would not have been able to be brought to life and the panther design would never have come to be.

The brand reveals that the Panthere de Cartier Chain bag was specially designed in the brand’s accessories design studio, which was spearheaded by Marlin Yuson, the artistic director. This bright studio is located at the brand’s International headquarters in Paris and was inspired by refined expression and creativity.

Additionally, Marlin Yuson designed the Panthere de Cartier Chain bag by relying on the expertise of the brand’s high jewelry sculptors and by choosing only the finest and most exceptional leather. These elements enhance the elegance of the bag.Panthere

Furthermore, one of the variants of the Panthere de Cartier Chain bag is made up of black sequins on a recycled ECONYL base and also features a recycled ECONYL lining. This makes it not only stylish, but also sustainable and as we all know, sustainable is the new stylish.

The Panthere de Cartier Chain bag comes in two sizes, small (height 155 mm x width 260 mm x depth 80 mm) and mini (height 100 mm x width 200 mm x depth 45 mm) and the mini version is very versatile as it can be sued as a clutch, shoulder bag or cross-body while the small model can be used as a shoulder bag or cross-body.Cartier

Visit the Official Cartier Website to find out more.


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