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Bacardi Rum Introduces New Caribbean Spiced Flavour

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Bacardi Rum Introduces New Caribbean Spiced Flavour


Time to spice up your favourite cocktail 

Bacardi Rum, the world’s most awarded rum brand, continues to innovate with the launch of its new Bacardi Caribbean Spiced. The brand’s first premium spiced aged product is created with pineapple, coconut, vanilla, and cinnamon, conjuring up distinctive flavours of the Caribbean making it deal for tropical cocktails.

What Is It Made Of

Bacardi Caribbean Spiced uses aged rum as its base and perfectly blends coconut blossom with cinnamon, vanilla and the oaky char from the barrel. Expertly aged under the Caribbean sun with notes of juicy, caramelised pineapple and lightly toasted coconut, the blend creates a smooth, warming taste with a deep amber colour.

Made For Cocktails

Vanilla adds a sweet mouth feel, while the cinnamon gives a warm, aromatic flavour that balances out the tart sweetness of the rum. Designed for all occasions, rum-lovers can elevate their drinking experience, whether it be trading up a rum and cola with the Bacardi Caribbean Cola for a simple, delicious drink.

How Its Made

Bacardi Caribbean SpicedWith over 160 years of expertise, Bacardi Rum utilises a unique process to combine  aged rum, spice, and famous Caribbean flavours all into one well-balanced drink. The process uses both a heavy aged rum base which provides the bold smoky flavours of molasses and a light aged rum base which brings a drier and cleaner quality.

The new Bacardi Caribbean Spiced blends coconut blossom sugar, pineapple, and coconut water. After being rested and then filtered, cinnamon and vanilla are also carefully added into the spirit. This is followed by a further rest and a second polishing filter for clarity and colour. The end result is perfect spiced rum.

Dickie Cullimore, Global Brand Ambassador for Bacardi Rum, said, “Category research showed us that flavoured and spiced are the fastest growing segments in rum and specifically premium rum, and the Pina Colada has risen through the ranks as a top 5 cocktail.”

“Even more exciting was our discovery that people were looking specifically for unique flavours and aged rums. Understanding this desire was key in creating Bacardi Caribbean Spiced and ensuring the flavours and aged rum quality were intensified to deliver the best craftmanship and taste.” He concluded.

Find Out More

Want to know more about other cocktails you can use this spiced Bacardi Rum in?  Find the answers at the Official Bacardi Rum Website.



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