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Bobby Is Back With A Limited Edition Bottle For Miss Dior

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Bobby Is Back With A Limited Edition Bottle For Miss Dior


Bobby is making Miss Dior look good with its third edition bottles

Bobby makes a majestic return as it reveals its third edition bottle dedicated to Miss Dior depicting christian Dior’s beloved dog. As faithful as ever, Bobby still proclaims “I belong to Miss Dior” and sports a superb, unprecedented couture bowl! Dior

This precious and joyful Bobby is a brilliant continuation of a collection that pays tribute to Christian Dior’s passion for dogs and astonishing bottles. This third, spectacular and luxurious creation houses the fresh and floral scent of Miss Dior blooming bouquet, in a numbered limited edition as well.

Bobby is back!

Moreover, standing proudly on his hind legs, the adorable little Bobby looks his best for his mistress, the beautiful Miss Dior. Today, just like in the past, the bottle is a cult bottle that creates a special moment for fans of the house of Dior. Those who discovered it in 1952, felt tender affection for the sweet little face of Christian Dior’s favourite dog. Bobby

Now, you can discover the third version of the little glass dog, as couture, refined and mischievous as ever, that houses the tender scent of Miss Dior blooming bouquet. The fresh and floral composition sees a generous peony reign over a supporting rose that it is simultaneously sensual and fresh. This irresistible bouquet is enveloped in a cocoon of white musk notes.

Couture Flowers For Bobby

Additionally, the house of Dior’s little canine companion is now dressed in a brand-new, delicately embroidered bow, inspired by the myriad wild flowers imagined by Maria Grazia Chiuri for the Miss Dior scarf making it more chic. This light and silky profusion of radiant blooms was delicately designed, in a reflection of the masterful work behind the bottle. Dior

Bobby: Masterfully Made

An outstanding creation, the bottle took no less than fifteen hours of meticulous work. In between the first lengthy, hand-sketched outline, and the delicate application of its bow, Bobby was precisely and expertly hand-blown, polished, frosted and dried. A marvel of glassmaking know-how, Bobby also offers his cheerful little face and lovely bright eyes.Bobby

More information can be found on the Official Dior Website.


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