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Dior Reveals Its New Fall 2023 Beachwear Capsule Wetsuit

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Dior Reveals Its New Fall 2023 Beachwear Capsule Wetsuit


Get your surf on with the Dior exclusive wetsuit

Dior is giving us a gift just in time for Fall. Well, for us here in Malaysia, at least a gift to help beat the heat, especially since we are in the middle of a heatwave. The savoir-faire of an exclusive surf wetsuit, born of a creative dialogue with Vissla is the newest offering from Dior to get your surf on.Wetsuit

Moreover, Dior is unveiling this limited edition full-body wetsuit, the result of an enthralling conversation between Kim Jones and Vissla. Eco-designed according to the exceptional expertise of a Japanese workshop,this creation is crafted from recycled jersey and an eco-friendly neoprene made with limestone.

Supreme Style

An expression of the alliance of elegance and performance, the Dior wetsuit comes to life through a unique process after the sketching of the patterns and the meticulous cutting out of its different components. This is aimed to reduce material waste as much as possible–these are hand-glued and then sewn together with the utmost precision.Wetsuit

Combining functionality, style and durability, the irresistible Dior exclusive wetsuit in the Dior Fall 2023 Beachwear Capsule collection is adorned with a motif celebrating the captivating beauty of the aquatic world. A call to go above and beyond, a reflection of the boundless daring of Dior.

Stylish, Comfortable And Practical

On top of that, wearing this wetsuit at the beach is the quickest way to stand out from the crowd and show everyone you mean business. It is also breathable and the most stylish way to look good at the beach, or at least, better than the vast majority of people there.Wetsuit

Ready to look good at the beach? Visit the Official Dior Website.


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