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Robert Pattinson Is Now The Face Of Dior Homme 

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Robert Pattinson Is Now The Face Of Dior Homme 

Dior Homme

Dior Homme is a skincare ritual enriched with a new soothing shaving cream

Men, listen up, because this one is for you. Ladies, do stick around to see if this might help your man or future man because let’s face it, men are simple creatures. Most of the time, we don’t really know just how much a skincare routine like Dior Homme can make a difference in our lives.

Dior Homme

Now, back to the men, after a hard fought battle out in the wild all day, it is time for us to relax and cool off to return to our noble kingly selves. To do this, we often require a moment alone, and what better to do during this time that look after our skin, specifically with the Dior Homme Sport Skincare Routine.

New Formula, Familiar Feel

While the Dior Homme experience was always an unforgettable one, it is now taken up a notch with a soothing new shaving cream, which also comes with multiple benefits. As a source of pleasure that is both unprecedented and immediate, this new, initial shaving step is still followed by the after shave balm.  Dior Homme

The subtle and soft textures of the balm are lightly perfumed to add a sensual touch to really help all the textures work together in perfect harmony. This results in a smooth and comfortable feel on the face leaving the skin soft, clean and smoother than ever before.

Feel Better, Smell Better

The routine is energetic and sophisticated, lively and sensual with the scent of the recently revisited Dior Homme Sport like a fresh, faceted uppercut. It exudes elegance, it strikes with an effusive opening led by Reggio Bergamot, then envelopes with smoky notes of mysterious frankincense making it perfect for the modern man.Dior Homme

Shaving Creme, Smoother Skin

This experience is further improved by the new and improved Dior Homme shaving creme which is smooth, fine and easy to apply. The entire experience was designed and formulated with precision to effectively alleviate razor burn thanks to its formula infused with cotton extract.

Alfred, Prepare My Routine!

If all this still is not enough to convince you, maybe the face of Dior Homme and the newest Batman, Robert Pattinson will. After all, why else would Bruce Wayne himself use this specific skincare routine if he didn’t think it absolutely necessary. Clearly, the world’s greatest detective can’t possibly make a mistake about this.Dior Homme

Head on over to the Official Dior Website to get your skincare routine sorted out today.



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