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Stone Island Just Made A Parka Made Out Of Kevlar


Stone Island Just Made A Parka Made Out Of Kevlar

Stone Island Kevlar Parka

When it comes to raising the boundaries of experimental fabrics and materials for fashion, Stone Island are clear front runners in the game. The Italian clothing brand has pioneered a number of treatments for materials as part of its Prototype Research Series. For 2022, Stone Island has collaborated with Kevlar for a new limited edition Parka.

Starting in 2016, Stone Island has unveiled a number of limited-edition pieces made with experimental treatments and fabrications. This year, the label utilises Kevlar, the heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibre, which is best known for its usage in bullet proof vests.

Developed in 1965 by DuPont, the high-strength material was first used as a replacement for steel in racing tyres. Over the years, its usage has spread into the production of body armour and protective clothing. Stone Island however has found a new usage for Kevlar, as it has demonstrated in its new limited edition Parka.

Pushing The Boundaries Of Fashion

Stone Island Kevlar Parka design

Limited to a 100 units, the Series 06_ Dévoré With Kevlar® Core is made from a fabric that was co-developed by both Kevlar and Stone Island. The material boasts a unique combination of high strength, high toughness and thermal stability, perfect attributes for a Parka.

In producing the material for its new Parka, the team at Stone Island’s research and experimentation department utilised high-precision Kevlar filaments to create an extraordinarily fine yarn. The engineered use of the dévoré printing technique further disintegrates the cotton yarn, creating an all-over pattern that reveals the Kevlar core with its characteristically yellow colour.

Overall, this treatment produces a yarn that serves like a light technical lace. The addition of a resin treatment then adds texture to the lightweight and strong fabric. As seen in the Series 06_ Dévoré With Kevlar® Core, the Parka features a second internal removable hood in polyester felt with frontal Velcro fastening.

Stone Island designers have also kitted the Parka with a ‘Kimono’ sleeve construction with opening under the armholes. Key design features include large hand pockets with diagonal entry with a white Stone Island Textile Research badge emblazoned on the left sleeve.

Limited to 100 pieces, the Series 06_ Dévoré With Kevlar® Core is only available to purchase online. Cool factor aside though, one wonders if it makes commercial sense for Stone Island to utilise Kevlar for something other than a stylish Parka.

Perhaps with the interest in this newest addition to Prototype Research Series, we will one day see Stone Island feature an exclusive collection made entirely out its new hybrid Kevlar material.

(Images: Stone Island)


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