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Save The Date, Prada Extends Bangkok Is Happening This 29 June 2023

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Save The Date, Prada Extends Bangkok Is Happening This 29 June 2023

Prada Extends

Prada Extends Bangkok is curated by electronic musician Richie Hawtin

Prada Extends is a series of live events travelling across global destinations, created with and curated by British-Canadian electronic musician Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman. The next iteration hits the capital of the land of smiles itself, Bangkok, Thailand this month. So save the date for the most electrifying musical experience of the year.

How Is It Different?

Moreover, Prada Extends Bangkok sets itself apart from other musical experiences as it uses the unique, universal connection of music to unite different cultures and geographies in conversation which ensures a more holistic and diverse experience all around in one place, so everyone leaves satisfied regardless of their genre preferences.Prada Extends

So its rather fitting that the next iteration, Prada Extends hits Bangkok, a city where history and modernity clash, for a new celebration of the power of music on 29 June 2023. What’s more, earning the nickname, the land of smiles, Bangkok is one of the more welcoming and festive cities making it perfect for international music events like this.

The Brains Behind It All

On top of that, the concept for Prada Extends Bangkok was conceived by Hawtin, following its debut at the Tanks of Tate Modern in London (November 2021), then Tokyo (July 2022) and Faena Forum Miami (December 2022), this iteration at the Warehouse Stadium in the Khlong Toei district, combines electronic music with dialogue, exploring the meaning of music as well as its expression.

As in previous installments of Prada Extends, DJs and visual artists are invited to collaborate for a one-off performance to extend Prada’s identity across different and diverse creative spheres so if you want to experience all this first hand, then you know where to go.Prada Extends

When Does It Start?

Prada Extends Bangkok kicks off on 29 June 2023 and also includes a conversation with Richie Hawtin at the Prada ICONSIAM store so be sure to take this golden opportunity to meet with this music icon in person and enjoy a festival full of head banging music as well.

More information can be found on the Official Prada Website.


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