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Laurent Ferrier Presents The Grand Sport Tourbillon Golden Brown

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Laurent Ferrier Presents The Grand Sport Tourbillon Golden Brown

Grand Sport Tourbillon

This timepiece is an ode to the brown shades of Autumn

To commemorate their 12th anniversary as a brand, Laurent Ferrier is presenting this beautiful Grand Sport Tourbillon Golden Brown timepiece this autumn and it looks stunning. The model was initially introduced in 2019 by the two founders who shared a love for motor racing and now it will be redesigned for this year.Grand Sport Tourbillon

The case is now redesigned to look sleeker by combining sharp lines and soft curves with a high performance. In this case, the Grand Sport Tourbillon is metaphorically powered by a powerful engine, the LF619.01 tourbillon calibre with double balance spring. This makes it as capable as it is beautiful.

This new version of the Grand Sport Tourbillon features a new take on the watch case as well. The case is now an integrated case and bracelet made from 5N red gold while the dial of the watch shines in mesmerizing shades of chocolate brown. The red gold also adds sophistication to the more subtle brown in our opinion.

Moreover, the colours on the Grand Sport Tourbillon are meant to recreate the feeling of comfort you feel by exuding the golden colours of autumn mixed with the warmth of the red gold to ensure that when you wear this watch, you are always relaxed and ready to take on anything.Laurent Ferrier

On top of that, Laurent Ferrier is known for their exceptional use of the smallest details and the Grand Sport Tourbillon is no exception. Every last detail about this masterpiece of horology was meticulously crafted and examined to the point of near perfection. This makes the watch ultra exclusive to preserve its unique quality.

How exclusive? Well only 24 units of the Grand Sport Tourbillon will be made, but with all the excruciating detail and quality control going into this watch, can anyone honestly say they are surprised? It is, after all, impossible to ensure the highest echelon of quality if something is overdone.Watch

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