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Experience The Sensational Autumn Flavours With House Of Suntory

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Experience The Sensational Autumn Flavours With House Of Suntory

House of Suntory

This autumn, taste the seasonal richness of Japanese Whisky

As the season of Autumn brings beautiful splashes of red, orange and gold, we are reminded that now is the time of harvest, and what better way to celebrate the harvest than by enjoying the riches of Japanese soil from the House of Suntory.House of Suntory

Founded in 1899 in Meiji Japan, the House of Suntory emphasizes its Japanese roots by ensuring the highest quality and meticulous craftsmanship in their spirits to ensure every sip contains the authentic taste of Japan.

With the brand’s three main spirits, Roku Gin, Haku Vodka and Chita Whisky, the House of Suntory is coming up with some new, tempting cocktails through their locations in Akira Back, LUMO, Neon Pigeon, Tess Bar and Kitchen, The Guild and VUE in Singapore. Each of these places has a few different cocktails.

Akira back, has a Japanese twist on my favourite drink, the old fashioned called the Suntory Sutairu along with the Omotenashi, a variation of the gin and tonic as well as the Otsukimi which is a twist on the Vodka sour

LUMO brings us the Autumn Festive, a unique twist to the Last Word cocktail and the Crimson Leaves cocktail inspired by the reddish orange hues of Autumn along with the Perfect Weather cocktail that combines the sweetness of Chita Whisky with chamomile and thyme.House of Suntory

Additionally, Neon Pigeon gives us the Mepuru, a Japanese version of the Martinez cocktail combining sake and Japanese Maple syrup with Chita Whisky and a Martini style cocktail called the Ringo as well as the jagaimo, a fruity, umami blend of nashi pear, sweet potato foam and the brand’s Roku Gin.

On top of that, Tess Bar and Kitchen gives us the Sweater Weather which is a twist on the gin and tonic cocktail along with the Fresh Fall Morning cocktail and The Perfect Autumn, a dry martini and Haku Vodka mix with red shiso.

Meanwhile, The Guild gives us the Fall’s Toast, which is the perfect companion on a cozy evening along with the Osmanthus Moon, which was inspired by the Osmanthus flower in bloom and the Autumn Sour, which has ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon paired with Roku Gin.

Lastly, VUE brings us the Lady in Blue, a twist on the White Lady cocktail, the Hakutan and the Autumn’s Stroll, which is a perfect balance of floral chrysanthemum and tart umeshu. Well, I don’t know about any of you but just typing this out made me crave something to drink.House of Suntory

In the mood to celebrate Autumn with some Japanese Spirits? Check out the House of Suntory website now.


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