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Is This Jacob&Co Astronomia Solar Bitcoin The Crypto Watch For You?

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Is This Jacob&Co Astronomia Solar Bitcoin The Crypto Watch For You?


This watch for the ages symbolizes the dawn of the age of Bitcoin

At the 2022 Geneva Watch Days, Jacob&Co presented a new, unorthodox, high complication timepiece. Nestled in a 44mm black Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) titanium case, it serves as a tribute to the world of cryptocurrency. Jacob&Co calls it the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin.Bitcoin

Jacob&Co create more than just a crypto inspired watch with the new Astronomia Solar Bitcoin. With this timepiece, they have created a metaphor. The watch features a Jacob-cut diamond, a Jacob-cut orange citrine and a rotating earth. Those elements serve as a nod to the success of those who have mastered Bitcoin.

Excited to celebrate the dawning age of cryptocurrency and engage with the world of crypto, Jacob&Co is making a calculated decision of selling the 25 pieces of this statement piece in the cryptocurrencies of the buyers’ choosing, either Bitcoin or altcoin.Bitcoin

Moreover, the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin case also features wide lateral openings in the case band which allows you to appreciate the beauty of this watch in a 360 degree view. It is also very comfortable to wear as a result of its plunging shape and black alligator strap.

Additionally, being a part of the Astronomia family, this watch sets itself apart from all the rest with its crown-less, panoramic case and massive domed sapphire crystal. It also features decorations symbolic of the cryptocurrency world with words like “peer to peer” and “blockchain” displayed around the watch.watch

The precious stones used in the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin are there not just for show. It also serves to remind that crypto is not some otherworldly phenomenon but rather based on reality, and that we should always aspire to be more and do more, hence the Bitcoin reaching for the moon element.

While it may not seem like much at a glance, the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin tells the story of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general in the same way the Pyramids or cave paintings do. However, it is a piece of truly advanced horology that will inspire many people. Jacob&Co

Visit the Official Jacob&Co Website to find out more.


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