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Eslite Spectrum Kuala Lumpur Grand Opening Is Today

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Eslite Spectrum Kuala Lumpur Grand Opening Is Today


The store will operate until 1am for one day only on 17 December 2022

Eslite Spectrum Kuala Lumpur, the first Eslite flagship store in SouthEast Asia is set to officially open its doors to the public today on 17 December 2022. This special grand opening will also see the store be open until 1am for today only so bookworms like us can get lost in the beauty of this store and still get all the books we want.Eslite

This renowned bookstore features a 60-metre statement wall of red brick arches as well as a comprehensive book collection. What’s more, it features an Eslite writing boutique which looks akin to an urban speakeasy bar and also offers unique stationery items from 36 different countries.

Moreover, you can also enjoy an impressive line-up choice at the gift-wrapping zone which has over a thousand curated Taiwanese-designed goods, world-class gourmet coffee brands as well as artists’ exhibitions and for opening day, fans can also enjoy a late-night bookstore-browsing experience as well.Eslite

The Eslite Spectrum Kuala Lumpur also showcased six store-opening highlights comprising 30 arts and cultural events and even gourmet coffee offerings. The brand is committed to creating the “spirit of a place” with this flagship store and in extending its hospitality to its customers, provides unwrapped copies of most books so you can enjoy a free browsing experience.

On top of that, the store is arranged to provide a reader-friendly layout as well. All this makes the Eslite Spectrum Kuala Lumpur a true haven for bookworms and will make anyone feel at ease. It is also the perfect place to take your special someone especially if they are more introverted than most.Eslite

Furthermore, a visit to the Eslite Spectrum Kuala Lumpur also gives you the chance to browse through a wide variety of books in Chinese, English, Malay, Japanese and other languages too. This is not only a great way to broaden your horizons but could also boost your progress exponentially if you want to learn a new language.

Additionally, you can also visit the Eslite Spectrum Kuala Lumpur to take in creative designs, experience lifestyle trends, enjoy performing arts exhibitions, indulge in themed restaurants and cafes as well as treat your eyes to handicrafts. True to its name, you can enjoy a whole spectrum of experiences here.Spectrum

The Eslite Spectrum Kuala Lumpur reflects the multiculturalism of Malaysia very well as it is also a multi-faceted experience just like one you would expect from this beautiful and diverse country. This is what makes the brand so special, it provides a charming experience for anyone and everyone.Spectrum

Visit the Official Eslite Spectrum Website to find out more.


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